Using Quadrant

Detailed description of Quadrant functions and features

1. Login and Signup

All you need to use Quadrant is an up-to-date browser and a verified email address. Read More

2. Getting Started with Quadrant

If this is the first time you have logged in you will be presented with the Getting Started page. Read More

3. My Projects

After your first time login you will be presented with the Quadrant Dashboard page. Read More

4. Create a New Project

Follow the step by step guide to create a new project in Quadrant. Read More

5. Quadrant Project Home

The Quadrant Project Home provides an overview of activity that has been occurring in your research project. It displays any Project wide comments and an overview of Participant movement through Workflows. Read More

6. Project Navigation

The Project Navigation menu bar provides all links and option to functions in Quadrant. Read More

7. All Project Participants

The All Project Participants page displays all participants that you have entered into the Quadrant irrespective of whether they have been enrolled into a Workflow. The participant Workflow Status is displayed in All Project Participants. You can customise the look and feel of the table through the Data Display Options, reorder of columns and search functions. Read More

8. My Participants

My Participants displays all Participants that are in a Workflow to which you have been assigned. Read More

9. Participant Edit

The Participant Edit screen allows you to add details, record and store collected data, complete a Workflow Step and view the edit history of a participant. Any data stored or information collected is tagged to the Participant, Workflow Step and Team Member. Read More

10. Customise Table Displays in Quadrant

Any table in Quadrant can be customised to suit your preferred display option. The view will only apply to you. Other Team Members can customise their own display. Read More

11. Multiple Workflows

Quadrant supports multiple workflows. This function comes in handy when you have two data collection methods in your project or if you project is longitudinal. Read More

12. Team Members

Quadrant allows you to involve any person to be a Team Member on your Project. Read More

13. Project Roles

Quadrant allows you to give certain privileges to your project team through Project Roles. Read More

14. Files

Quadrant allows you to upload Project specific files and share them amongst your Team Members Read More

15. Reports

Quadrant reports are a quick and easy way to get an overview of your project. Read More

16. Project Admin

The Project Admin navigation contains links to manage your Project, Team Members, Workflows and Participants. Read More

17. Project Microsites

Project Microsites allow you to publish information about your project that can be viewed from a publicly assessable URL Read More

18. My Profile

The My Profile section allows you to change and alter your personal account details. Read More

19. Security Time Logout

To protect your Project from unintended access, Quadrant will automatically log you out if no activity has been detected for 15 minutes. Read More

20. Need Additional Help?

Have a look at our community support page at or contact us we will be happy to talk to you about your project and how Quadrant can help. Read More