Quadrant - An Overview

Quadrant is a cloud-based project management and data collection software tool for participant-based research. It allows you to work collaboratively and efficiently from a self-managed centralised site. Quadrant provides secure and ethical online research project management and data storage for research teams and individuals.

1. Projects

All data relating to a research project is stored in Quadrant as a 'Project.' A project acts as a secure information silo and stores all data, communications and events that occur throughout a research project. A project can have many users and many participants. Read More

2. Participants

Data stored in Quadrant is related to a participant (or subject). A participant in Quadrant is person or subject that a research team may interact with in completing their research. Details of participants can be entered into Quadrant individually or bulk uploaded from an existing list. Participants can be filtered and searched to determine suitability for participation. Once a participant has been selected, they are assigned to the workflow which allows project users to begin work with the participant as defined through the workflow. Read More

3. Team Members

Team Members are people that have registered with Quadrant and you have invited them to join your Project. Team members are normally the people that you work with to complete a research project. You can assign different access and privileges to data stored in your project by defining Project Roles. Read More

4. Research Workflows

Quadrant helps you manage your project by breaking down your research into workflow steps. Steps are described as high-level components of work that your research participant should go through to complete data collection. Read More

5. Files and Comments

Files and comments can be attached to Participants and Projects in Quadrant. This allows you to record all information related to a Research Project in the one space. Read More