Key Features

Mange your research project and ensure all your files and materials are kept in one central secure space.

Participant Management

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, email and file sharing. Manage and track your research participants in a secure and ethical environment.

Manage 1 participant or 1000 participants.

  • Store research information such as consent forms, interviews, audio, and photos.
  • Add participants individually or from an existing database or list.*
  • Use custom fields to record any demographic information you need for your project.

Track progress

Easily see where you participants are in the research process. Know which participants need following up.

Record interactions and communications

View and record contacts, phone calls and physical interactions with your participants. Track interactions your research team members have with research participants.

Search and find

Search and find participants in Quadrant based on any attribute. Hide and display columns to easily find the information you need.

Pick, choose and assign

Easily select multiple participants to begin your research process (such as enrolment and consent).

* Coming soon

Participant Management FAQ's