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Get Involved with Quadrant

Quadrant is designed to help researchers collaborate and efficiently manage their projects in a secure and ethical environment. Quadrant’s development is dependent on listening to you and providing solutions to problems you encounter in running successful research projects.

There are many opportunities to help in the development of Quadrant. We are always interested in hearing your research story and appreciate any feedback and comments. Look below to see how you can help in the development of Quadrant.

Share Your Research Story

Quadrant features and design are driven by your feedback and by solving problems that you encounter in your research project. We would love to hear about your research project.

We would love to hear your research story, successes and programs. Research stories directly contribute to development of Quadrant.  

Help Us Tell Others

If you like Quadrant or think it might be useful for others we can help you to let others know.  Share on your group-lists, blog page or social media network.

We've developed a quick 2 page brochure and a beginners powerpoint presentation for people interested in using Quadrant or training others in using Quadrant. 

In case you wish to organise something more structured we supply materials and assistance for:

  • Conference Presentations
  • Demonstrations
  • Human Research Ethics Committees
  • Research discussions
  • Institutional data management plans
  • Funding body applications
  • Participant Information Consent Forms

If you need specific material for journal publications or other applications, please let us know. We will be happy to help.

Request a Feature/ Provide User Testing and Feedback

Are you already a user of Quadrant? Is there something missing that would make your research management easier and more effective?

 If so, please let us know. Quadrant is designed to make management of your research project easier and your feedback directly drives design.  

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