You can now archive or delete old projects

So today you will notice that two new new features have been added to your workspace (you'll find them under Project Admin on the left-hand side menu). They are...

  • Archive project, and
  • Delete project

There is one very big difference that you should take notice of when it comes to the end of your project.

Archive a project

By archiving your project, the project will remain in tact but will lay dormant and locked down, ie unable to be edited.  You can view a list of your achieved projects and reinstate them at any time.  


To view them, click on your name on the top right-hand side of the blue header. From the drop down, choose My Projects. This page will show all your open projects. Again at the top right-hand side just under Create A New Project, you will see a link titled View archived projects. You will then see a list of all of your archived projects.


To reinstate an archived project, follow the actions listed above to view them. Then you can click on the Unarchive This Project button of the project you want to reinstate.

Delete a project

As suggested, this will delete your project from the Quadrant system. Be sure to have downloaded all of your data before you do this, as once you delete a project, your data is gone. We even made it difficult for you to delete so you don't do it by mistake (see image below). Don't say we didn't warn you.


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