Talking tasks

Our recent enhancement has included the addition of tasks within workflow steps.  Tasks are optional, but are handy as a tick and flick exercise of activities before moving onto the next workflow step.

To add a task, you need to click on Manage Workflow from the left hand side menu (it’s under Project Admin), then Edit Workflow.  You can then add or remove tasks (at any time). 

To see these tasks, look at a participants profile and you will have the ability to show or hide the tasks within each step. The system will record who ticked off each task and date they did it. Just remember, it’s not mandatory to complete all tasks before moving the participant into the next step, tasks are more of a guide.


You may have noticed in the screen shots that you can also delete and copy workflows.  This is also one of our recent enhancements.  We think the ability to copy existing workflows will really save you set-up time and you can dedicate your time to where it’s needed, your research.

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