Quadrant - Making research efficient

Quadrant is a cloud-based project management and data collection software tool that allows participant-based researchers to work collaboratively and efficiently from a self-managed centralised site.

Quadrant was designed to address the need for secure and ethical online research project management and data storage.

Quadrant streamlines the research process by making it easy to collect, view, and track the progress of research data at all points throughout the project. It increases research efficiency by removing task duplication associated with using disparate programs such as email, spreadsheets, and file sharing tools to share data, track and manage research. Quadrant promotes independent team activity and accountability whilst enabling executive level access and control. It simultaneously provides a current snapshot of project progress as well as specific details about individual participants or subjects.

Quadrant is designed to meet the needs of researchers using qualitative and mixed-methods research methodologies in fields such as Health, Humanities, Social Science, Politics, Marketing, Communications, Sociology, Education, and Anthropology. 


We believe that researchers should be able to collaborate instantly, without barriers across institutions, the country and the world.

We believe that research collaboration software should be easy to use, intuitive and self-managed.

We believe that research collaboration software should be secure and ethical.

We believe that researchers should have dedicated software to manage and collaborate on research projects and not have to rely on disparate and inadequate technologies (spreadsheets, email, USB drives, network shares and file sending software).

The Project

Quadrant is a project supported by the National eResearch Tools and Resources Project (NeCTAR), an initiative of the Commonwealth being conducted as part of the Super Science Initiative and financed from the Education Investment Fund, Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education. The University of Melbourne is the lead agent for the delivery of the NeCTAR project and the Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF) is the sub-contractor.

Parties wishing to obtain project related documentation and requested to contact info@quadrant.edu.au . Provision of information will be determined by the Project Board. 

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