A secure, ethical and efficient
online collaborative project management tool for participant based research.

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* Quadrant is currently in Beta release.

Research Process IconStreamline your research process.

Quadrant streamlines your research process and communication. Track progress, instantly communicate and store your data in one central secure location.

Involve Everyone IconInvolve everyone in your project.

Instantly collaborate across and within your institution. Easily involve external stakeholders, colleagues and even participants in your project. The information you want to share is controlled by you.

Meet Requirements IconMeet ethics 
and funding requirements.

Know where your data is stored and backed-up. Work seamlessly with identifiable and de-identified information. Quadrant provides solutions for your data management plans.

Data Security IconKnow that your data is safe.

Quadrant ensures all your data is safe, secure and immediately available. Quadrant is built with security and reliability in mind. 

Ethical - Efficient - Collaborative - Secure
Project, Participant Management and Data Storage

Quadrant allows you and your team to power your research by helping you track participants, manage and collaborate on your participant based research projects.

If you use spreadsheets, emails and file sharing software to manage your research, then Quadrant is for you. 

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