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Research Process IconStreamline your research process.

Quadrant streamlines your research process and communication. Track progress, instantly communicate and store your data in one central secure location.

Involve Everyone IconInvolve everyone in your project.

Instantly collaborate across and within your institution. Easily involve external stakeholders, colleagues and even participants in your project. The information you want to share is controlled by you.

Meet Requirements IconMeet ethics 
and funding requirements.

Know where your data is stored and backed-up. Work seamlessly with identifiable and de-identified information. Quadrant provides solutions for your data management plans.

Data Security IconKnow that your data is safe.

Quadrant ensures all your data is safe, secure and immediately available. Quadrant is built with security and reliability in mind. 

  • Quadrant User Interface
  • Quadrant User Interface
  • Quadrant User Interface

The Process is Simple!

Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to easy... Quadrant allows you and your team to power your research by helping you track participants, manage and collaborate on your participant based research projects.

If you use spreadsheets, emails and file sharing software to manage your research, then Quadrant is for you.

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What Our Users Say...

Quadrant makes a major different to the ease, efficiency, and security of managing my program of research. The program allows each of my staff to work independently on their specific tasks whilst at the same time contributing to a detailed tracking of the overall progress of the study. This is very important when there are the demands of numerous studies operating simultaneously.

I believe Quadrant is the way of the future and I am pleased to move on from the endless files of information, tedious processes of team communication and wasted hours of tracking needed information.

A Prof Pam McGrath, Griffith University

The APHCRI Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) uses Quadrant as a key data repository – each researcher is responsible to upload their data on a regular basis. Researchers also use quadrant to share data among their working group. Those conducting qualitative research use quadrant to track interviews.

Since we are a multi-institutional centre,  the biggest benefit from using Quandrant is to have one central place where we feel confident saving all our CRE data and that we are able to share data among our team. We found the most helpful feature of Quadrant is the ability to share data with members of the CRE team and our nominated partners.

Dr Tina Janamian, APHCRI Centre of Research Excellence

I have actually already started to use the new Quadrant and have already uploaded stuff and have my participants in their workflows.

I am so happy to have this program because I don't think I could keep control of all of my participants details and which stage they are in without it.


Kelli Campbell, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Quadrant has proven to be an invaluable tool in my work as a Project Officer managing Qualitative Research Projects within the health arena. Since using Quadrant my desk is no longer covered in post-it notes! Now I can just import participant data directly into Quadrant and create my own unique workflows to effectively manage multiple research projects and meet all timeframes from start to finish.

Using Quadrant's features I can ‘at a glance’ see how many participants are enrolled in the project and who I need to follow up to enrol. I can also quickly see how many interviews have been transcribed and analysed. I can easily store all my documentation such as ethics approvals and literature searchers whilst simultaneously creating a detailed audit trail of how the project has been conducted.

Nicole Rawson, Griffith University

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